The No-girlfriend Rule


Borzoi School Book Club Review:

This book is amazing. I really enjoyed it as it made me feel a wide variety of emotions- joyful, sad, excited e.t.c. I remained interested throughout the book. My favourite character is probably Hollie or Aini as they are both very cool. I would 100% recommend this book to everyone- especially people who are gay, over-weight or have anxiety. I think this book tackles the stigma surrounding these topics very well and raises awareness. It also tackles the issue of everyday sexism and how it can make people feel.

Sarah, Burford School


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Seventeen-year-old Hollis Beckwith is on a quest to find her place in the world of tabletop gaming. Despite facing her boyfriend’s ‘No Girlfriends at the Table’ rule and enduring the worst game of ‘Secrets & Sorcery’ ever, Hollis sets out to prove herself as a worthy player. Desperate to find a community where she belongs, Hollis seeks out an all-female gaming group, where she finds unexpected friendships and epic adventures.