Daylesford Book Club

Book for July 2024

The Mystery of Henri Pick

An obscure library in the unassuming French town of Crozon houses dusty manuscripts  rejected by publishers - and a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.  Young editor Delphine Despero expects little from this collection of faded dreams, but within minutes of starting The Last Hours of a Love Affair, she knows she must bring the novel to Paris to publish it....

The book club meets monthly. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 31st July 2024 at 10.00am at the farm shop at Daylesford Organic.

Daylesford Book Club is a combined venture between Daylesford Organic and the Borzoi Bookshop.    We meet at 10.00am in the farm shop on the last Wednesday of every month (excluding December).  

Book Club books can be purchased from the Borzoi by clicking here.  Book Club members receive a 15% discount on the price of the book.

If you are interested please contact us.