Daylesford Book Club

Book for July 2020

In 1962, in the Soviet Union, eight year old Katya is bequeathed what will become the love of her life: a Blüthner piano, built at the turn of the century in Germany. After marrying, she emigrates, at her husband's frantic insistence, with her young family to America and her piano is lost in the shuffle... in 2012 Clara in California loses her boyfriend and her apartment. The mysterious and tragic connections betweenKatya, Clara and the Blüthner unravel gradually and thrillingly in this exploration of how the human heart can both break and be restored.

At present the book club is not meeting but we are still choosing a book a month and in April, May and we had  Zoom meetings. Plans for the July meeting will be made nearer the date

Daylesford Book Club is a combined venture between Daylesford Organic and the Borzoi.  In normal circumstances  we meet at 10.00am in the farmshop on the last Wednesday of every month (excluding December).  

Book Club books purchased from the Borzoi receive a 10% discount.

If you are interested please contact us.