The reluctant vampire queen bites back

Author Jo Simmons Published by Hot Key Books ISBN 9781471411830 EAN 9781471411830 Bic Code YFQ Cover Paperback


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Mo Merrydrew, fifteen-year-old Vampire Queen of Great Britain, has found a way to have her cake and eat it (and that’ll be a mini Battenberg, please). Becoming Vampire Queen wasn’t the easiest of decisions, but she’s settling into it quite happily, now that she has dreamy familiar Luca by her side, and she doesn’t actually have to bite any humans. She now just has the, er, teeny-tiny task of finding a way to get all the vampires in the land to swear allegiance to her, and save them from the vampire hunters who are rapidly picking them off. Easy-peasy, eh? Throw in gorgeous Vanya, sent by the Vampire King of the East to keep an eye on Mo, unruly vampires hellbent on causing havoc and a dad with a dark secret, and that cake of Mo’s starts to look distinctly less appetising.