The hidden language of cats

Author Brown, Sarah L. Published by Michael Joseph ISBN 9780241655498 EAN 9780241655498 Bic Code PSVP Cover Hardback


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Descended from shy, solitary North African wild cats, domestic cats set up homes with devoted owners all over the world. But how did those wildcats of old creep into our homes and our hearts, convincing us to keep them warm, fed, and pampered? Quite simply, they learned to talk to us. Renowned cat behaviour scientist Dr. Sarah Brown has been at the forefront of research in the field, discovering how cats use tail signals to interact with each other and their owners. Now she reveals the previously unexplored secrets of cat communication in a book that is both scientifically grounded and utterly delightful. Each chapter dives into a different form of communication, including vocalisation, tail signals, scents, rubbing, and ear movements.