The book your cat wishes you would read

Author Lucy Hoile Published by Orion Spring ISBN 9781398720336 EAN 9781398720336 Bic Code WNG|WNGC Cover Hardback


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Feline behaviourist Lucy Hoile gives you all the information you could ever need to build an even better, happier relationship with your cat. Lucy is speaking directly to you, the owner, and is here to support you on this amazing journey. Cats are an enigmatic species and their behaviour is subtle and difficult to read. Because of this, it’s not always easy to understand what they need from us and our relationship with them can suffer as a result. Included in this book is information on how cats communicate through body language, vocalisations and their secret language of scent. Deciphering this information helps us understand what they are trying to tell us, including when they are feeling unwell, when they are stressed or when they are feeling perfectly content.