Blood & fury

Author Tessa Gratton Published by Penguin Books ISBN 9780241609811 EAN 9780241609811 Bic Code YFHR|YFM|YXB|YXP Cover Paperback


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Adapting to her new life as the legendary Phoenix, Darling Seabreak has a simple task ahead of her: control Chaos and gather her fellow empyreals, unite the warring great Houses and bring peace to Pyrlanum. As she struggles to navigate the thorny politics of the realm as its new leader, she must also embrace her new form and destiny as the heart of Chaos itself. Meanwhile, stung by Darling’s apparent betrayal, Talon Goldhoard seeks to maintain House Dragon’s position. He wants to bring his stubborn brother back to his rightful place as Regent and also make his traitorous aunt face justice. As he tracks the remaining empyreals, he must also keep his feelings for Darling in check, even if she is closer than ever. But as Darling and Talon work towards peace, dark and deadly forces threaten to twist friends into traitors, destroy Pyrlanum and usher in a new age of blood and fury.