A girl can dream

Author Emily Barr Published by Penguin Books ISBN 9780241643426 EAN 9780241643426 Bic Code YFMR|YFCB|YFHR|YFHW Cover Paperback


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Venice, 2024. Hazel is on holiday with her stepbrother, Enzo, and best friend, Phoebe. They have just helped Hazel escape her increasingly destructive relationship with her older boyfriend. In the dreamy Italian sunshine, Hazel is managing to relax. But there’s a girl she keeps seeing in the city. A girl with beautiful eyes. And whenever Hazel sees her and their eyes meet, something strange seems to happen – de ja vu, at first, and then even stranger things that make her wonder if she’s really in Venice at all. England, 2022. Hazel goes to see an up-and-coming local band with Enzo and some friends. She locks eyes with the lead singer, Freddie, during a song, and he finds her afterwards and slips her his number. She’s not even 16. He is ten years older. Things with Freddie start wonderfully – flowers, dates, he even writes a song about her. It’s everything a girl could dream of. Until it’s absolutely not.