Train lord

Oliver Mol


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Oliver Mol was a successful, clever, healthy 25-year old. Then one day the migraine started. For 10 months, the pain was constant, exacerbated by writing, reading, using computers, looking at phones or anything with a screen. Slowly he became a writer who no longer wrote, and a person who could no longer could communicate with the modern world. In literature, and life, Oliver began to disappear. This is Oliver’s story of his frightening descent into living with perpetual pain. His doctors can’t figure out how to fix him. He suffers a breakdown. One evening, high on pain killers, Oliver Googles the only thing he can think of: ‘full-time job, no experience, Sydney’. An ad for a train guard appears. For two years Oliver will watch others live their lives, observing the minutiae and intimacy of strangers brought together briefly and connected by the steady march of time.

Author Oliver Mol Published by Michael Joseph ISBN 9780241525081 EAN 9780241525081 Bic Code BM|BGA|V Cover Paperback