This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny

Laura Clark


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A story of unpredictable passions, unforgettable characters and the battle of Narvik. Dr Molly Beaujolais (lecturer in performing arts and applied theatre) and Jonathan Nylon (lecturer in history) both keep diaries and have offices next door to each other. Two unlikely lovers, particularly since much of Molly’s time is taken up internet dating while Jonathan Nylon obsesses about his presentation of the battle of Narvik, his course on medieval disease and punishment and his impossible lodger, but life likes to play around with the impossible. Wickedly funny, clever and daring. And touching because it’s all about being human in a lonely world.

Author Laura Clark Published by Everything with Words ISBN 9781911427261 EAN 9781911427261 Bic Code Cover Paperback