Thirsty animals

Author Rachelle Atalla Published by Hodder ISBN 9781529342185 EAN 9781529342185 Bic Code FH|FA|FL Cover Paperback


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The world is running out of water. Aida is forced back home to live on the farm with her mum. For now, they are safe with enough to get by. But Aida’s life continues to change. The service station she works at grows emptier with each day, and suspicious strangers arrive on the farm who are beginning to overstay their welcome. And with the horrific scenes she witnessed at the border – between those with water and those without – she wonders how it could get any worse. And then their taps are turned off. Everything Aida and her disjointed family have been preparing for, and Aida thought impossible, is happening. Now they must try and survive long enough for the rain to come.