Things I Learned From Falling

Claire Nelson


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Claire Nelson was in her 30s and beginning to burn out – her hectic London life of work and social activity and striving to do more and do better in the big city was frenetic and stressful. Although she was surrounded by people all of the time, she felt increasingly lonely. When the anxiety she felt finally brought her to breaking point, Claire decided to take some time off and travelled to Joshua Tree Park in California to hike and clear her head. While hiking, Claire fell 30 feet, gravely injuring herself and she lay alone in the desert – mistakenly miles off any trail, without a cell phone signal, fighting for her life. She lay there for four days until she was miraculously rescued – the doctors saying she had only hours to live when she was eventually found. In this book, Claire tells her story and what it taught her about loneliness, anxiety and transformation and how to survive it all.

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