The Musical Human

Michael Spitzer


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‘The Musical Human’ takes us on an exhilarating journey across the ages – from Bach to BTS and back – to explore the vibrant relationship between music and the human species. With insights from a wealth of disciplines, world-leading musicologist Michael Spitzer renders a global history of music on the widest possible canvas, looking at music in our everyday lives; music in world history; and music in evolution, from insects to apes, humans to AI. Through this journey we begin to understand how music is central to the distinctly human experiences of cognition, feeling and even biology, both widening and closing the evolutionary gaps between ourselves and animals in surprising ways. The book boldly puts the case that music is the most important thing we ever did; it is a fundamental part of what makes us human.

Author Michael Spitzer Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 9781526602787 EAN 9781526602787 Bic Code Cover Paperback