The modern maverick

Ed Haddon


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Imagine designing a race that only you could win. Now imagine that race was your life. You’re done with living by other people’s rules. It’s time to define your own version of success and set free your inner maverick. Success is something that many of us are encouraged to pursue from a young age – but what defines ‘success’? Many people are taught to set goals in pursuit of a generic definition of success that is dictated by society: chase money, pass exams, build profile, attract followers, or generate likes. Even if we do reach the top, we often find it to be less than we expected. Living someone else’s life is draining; individuals are tired and society is poorer as a consequence. This book sets out a roadmap for a different way forward. A way that combines purpose and profit. A way that helps you figure out your own definition of success and gives you the courage and tools to pursue it.

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