The love interest

Author Helen Comerford Published by Bloomsbury Young Adult ISBN 9781526667588 EAN 9781526667588 Bic Code YFMR|YXHL|YFQ|YFC|YFF Cover Paperback


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Seventeen-year-old Jenna Ray lives in the quiet coastal town of Nine Trees. Despite its picturesque nature, it is also the epicentre of a dramatic prophecy. It is said that in the year 2024 a new Hero will emerge in Nine Trees – an event that is usually accompanied by a catastrophic disaster. When Blaze, the new Hero, does arrive, Jenna has the misfortune of being the first person he saves. And, in the eyes of the public, that means one thing: Jenna Ray has already been cast as the Love Interest. Nothing could be more repellent to Jenna than being a Love Interest, even if Blaze is cute. But her plans to defy the HPA (the Heroics and Power Authority) and turn down this new role are thwarted when she uncovers the truth about her mum, who she hasn’t seen in ten years, and is faced with a life-changing proposition.