Gareth Thomas


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To understand how to empower yourself, first of all you have to recognize and accept your vulnerability. In ‘Stronger’, Gareth shares how he has managed to deal with the adversity life has thrown at him over the years, from his school years to his most recent difficult announcement that he is living with HIV. Gareth’s incredible willingness to expose his deepest emotional frailties as a man and come through even stronger as a result have made him a national hero and a role model for us all. Whether he is confronting the physical challenges of an Iron Man, or the mental resilience needed to be true to who you are, or weighing the medals and trophies he’s won alongside the mistakes he’s made, Gareth is unwaveringly honest. An inspirational rallying call, this is a vital read for anyone who wants to turn their fear into a strength and to not only survive, but to thrive.

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