Borzoi School Book Club:

I personally was not very captivated by reading this book but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit. I think the main purpose of the story is to educate on the dangers of organised crime. It does this extremely well, not shying away from many subjects modern novelists consider taboo. The structure of the story and its nature keep you guessing at every turn, while continuing to convey the author’s message throughout. I would recommend this book, even if it’s not your usual genre, as I think it does a wonderful job at helping you relive a child’s life and cautioning against the dangers of the world.

Charlie, Burford School


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Four boys grow up together at school, itching to get out of their small town. They play games, scoring points from each other, anything to pass the time until they’re free. Matthew slips into his imagination, Luc pushes his body to the limit, and Johnny – well who knows what Johnny’s up to. But when Mark starts running errands for his older brother’s mysterious associate, he thinks he’s found the best game of all. There’s money in his pocket and his friends have started looking at him differently. Then Mark breaks a rule, and quickly realises that the penalties in this game far outweigh the prizes. Can they all make it to the finish line before someone loses more than just face?