Looking For Eliza

Leaf Arbuthnot


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A widow puts up adverts to ‘Rent a Granny’ in an attempt to reconnect with people but it’s not until she finds Eliza, a student recently free of an abusive relationship, that she truly starts to feel less alone. Ada is a widowed writer, navigating loneliness in Oxford after the death of her husband. She has no children. No grandchildren. She fears she is becoming peripheral, another invisible woman. Eliza is a student at the university. She finds it difficult to form meaningful relationships after the estrangement of her mother and breakup with her girlfriend. Can they find what they are looking for in each other, and cast off their isolation for good?

Author Leaf Arbuthnot Published by Trapeze ISBN 9781409185819 EAN 9781409185819 Bic Code Cover Paperback