Lent with the beloved disciple

Author Michael Marshall Published by Bloomsbury Continuum ISBN 9781399404938 EAN 9781399404938 Bic Code HRCC91|H Cover Paperback


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The 2024 Lent book invites you on a six-week journey in the company of the ‘beloved disciple’ as found in the narrative of the Gospel of St John. As the only disciple to have stayed close to Jesus at every stage from the Last Supper to the Crucifixion at Calvary, this eagle-eyed eyewitness intentionally records certain subtle details and signs which, when perceived with the eyes of faith, indicate a deeper and far lasting significance. Michael Marshall explores what these signs are and how, with prayerful reflection, they draw us ever more deeply into the personal, eternal and cosmic significance and awareness of all that Christ accomplished by his death and resurrection – the Paschal Mystery.