Distant View Of Everything

Author Smith, Alexande McCall Published by Abacus ISBN 9780349142692 EAN 9780349142692 Bic Code Cover Paperback


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Isabel Dalhousie now has a second child – another boy, Magnus. He comes home with her at the beginning of the book and she discovers that Charlie is far from thrilled. He sees no need for a new baby. In Cat’s delicatessen, Isabel meets a woman with whom she had been at school. This woman, Bea Shandon, is known as an enthusiastic match-maker. She is very worried, though, as she has introduced a woman she knows to a plastic surgeon who is now described by another friend as a gold-digger. This other friend reveals that the surgeon has a bad track record: he has been involved with a series of well-off women and has succeeded in separating a number of them from their money. Bea asks Isabel to investigate; she herself tried to warn her friend of the danger she was in but was rebuffed badly. Isabel starts to make enquiries.