Cruel illusions

Author Margie Fuston Published by Hodderscape ISBN 9781399711395 EAN 9781399711395 Bic Code YFH|VXQM2|YFD Cover Paperback


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Ever since a vampire murdered her mother, Ava has been determined to get revenge. This all-encompassing drive has given her the fuel she needed to survive foster home after foster home. But it’s been ten years since anyone’s seen a vampire, and Ava has lost hope that she’ll ever find one – until she stumbles across a hidden magic show where she witnesses impossible illusions. The magicians may not be the bloodsuckers she’s hunting, but Ava is convinced something supernatural is at play. But they’ve been waiting for her. The magicians reveal they’re part of an ancient secret society with true magic, and Ava has the same power in her blood that they do. If she joins them, they promise to teach her the skills she needs to hunt vampires and avenge her mother. But there’s a catch: if she wants to keep the power they offer, she needs to prove she’s worthy of it.