A wreath for the enemy

Author Pamela Frankau Published by Daunt Books ISBN 9781914198526 EAN 9781914198526 Bic Code FT Cover Paperback


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Penelope Wells, precocious daughter of a poet, is holidaying at her family’s distinctly bohemian hotel on the French Riviera. She spends the summer beneath the green umbrella pines and oppressive purple bougainvillea scribbling into her Anthology of Hates to pass the time. Until she meets the Bradleys. Don and Eva Bradley are well-behaved and middle-class – everything she is not. It is love at first sight. But the friendship ends in tears. Penelope and Don Bradley leave the Riviera, embarking on the painful process of growing up. She, in love with an elusive ideal of order and calm. He, in rebellion against the philistine values of his parents.