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A Farmer and His Dog

Adam Henson


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In ‘A Farmer and His Dog’, Adam Henson explores the unique relationship between a farmer and his most loyal friend. Sheepdogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes from border collies to Australian kelpies (rumoured to be a distant relative of the dingo). Not only are they essential to the running of a farm, but they are fiercely intelligent and loyal family companions. But how have sheepdogs evolved across the centuries? What are the characteristics that make a border collie a premier herding dog? As well as the histories of the various breeds and memories of the special dogs Adam has had over the years, this book will be peppered with extraordinary stories of the brave acts of heroic sheepdogs – from protecting a rare breed of miniature penguins in Australia, to the pensioner farmer whose life was saved by his loyal sheepdog.

Author Adam Henson Published by BBC Books ISBN 9781785942488 EAN 9781785942488 Bic Code Cover Paperback