RSPB ID Spotlight – Woodland Birds

Marianne Taylor


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Our landscape has long been shaped by its native tree cover, whether pine, oak, beech or birch. These habitats are full of life, and you’ll see many different bird species in all kinds of woodlands throughout the year. But do you know a Nuthatch from a Treecreeper? And can you tell the difference between a Goshawk and a Common Buzzard when it’s soaring overhead? The UK’s woodlands are home to a diverse collection of our most beautiful wild bird species. RSPB ID Spotlight Woodland Birds is a reliable fold-out chart that presents illustrations of 63 of our most widespread and familiar woodland birds by renowned artist Stephen Message. � Species are grouped by family and helpfully labelled to assist with identification � Artworks are shown side by side for quick comparison and easy reference at home or in the field � The reverse of the chart provides information on the habitats, behaviour, life cycles and diets of our w

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