RSPB ID Spotlight – Caterpillars

Marianne Taylor


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Whether you are out in the countryside or at work in the garden, you might encounter several different kinds of caterpillars. The larval stages of butterflies and moths, caterpillars come in many shapes, sizes and colours, and each has its own particular charm. But can you tell a Comma from a Small Tortoiseshell? Or distinguish between the caterpillar of a Drinker and Fox Moth? These are only a few of the hundreds of caterpillars found in the UK, many of which are just as beautiful and varied as their adult counterparts. RSPB ID Spotlight Caterpillars is a reliable fold-out chart that presents illustrations of 60 of our most widespread and familiar caterpillars by renowned artist Richard Lewington. � Species are grouped by family and helpfully labelled to assist with identification � Artworks are shown side by side for quick comparison and easy reference at home or in the field � The reverse of the chart provides infor

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